Free and easy – this way please…

Free and easy – this way please…

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child's painting of a car by Theo Rumney Hunt

Car by Hal or Theo Rumney Hunt, poster paint on paper 1998

I have this painting pinned up on my studio wall for inspiration. It’s by Hal, my eldest son, who was 5 at the time when he painted this (last year), though he claims now it was painted by his younger brother Theo, who was just 3.

Whoever painted it, I love it, apart from the aesthetics, because of its total and utter sense of freedom and bliss – he got lost in the act of painting – 100% absorbed.

So, there it is, like a signpost at the entrance to a labyrinth – follow me and if you get lost, just come back to this point and start again…

“The most exquisite paradox: As soon as you give it all up you can have it all.” Ram Dass

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