How to Build Spontaneously – Michael Beutler

How to Build Spontaneously – Michael Beutler

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video still of Manin City - an art building project by Michael Buetler

Given that we spent much of the last seven years building a house in Spain, or should I say being concerned with building a house, as the actual building bit only took about one of those seven years… this film showing Michael Beutler constructing a huge maze called ‘Manin City’ is inspiring and refreshing!

Unconcerned with the things that weigh down a normal building project, he talks about the lightness and fragility of the materials he uses and about spontaneity. He knows the work will weather and stain and that’s all part of it… and most of all, it looks fun – both to build and to enjoy once it’s built.

So, now that the house we built is passing on to new owners, I’m thinking that the next time I get that urge to construct (I am a builder’s daughter after all!), I might just do so using bright yellow plastic sheets instead of red bricks and grey concrete…

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