The Universe according to Moleeds

The Universe according to Moleeds

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This week I promised myself as one of my Artist’s Way tasks, that I’d have fun making some maps. I didn’t quite get round to the maps in the studio today, (too busy with other paintings, woo-hoo) but I just spent the last 20 minutes laughing out loud at this great TED talk where comedian Charles Fleischer (the voice of Roger Rabbit) sends up the more scientific and intellectual talks that are more the norm – as he somehow weaves together a unique theory of everything called “Moleeds.”

I loved this talk – mocking our rules and our systems and hopeless attempts to make sense of this amazing universe… and it’s fun – let’s make it up, mix it up and enjoy the experience. Create it however you want to – name it, rationalize it, map it, (even celebrate the taming of it on stamps!) – feel like you’ve got it down – a little less at the mercy of the chaotic, intelligent soup?… Nothing has any meaning except the meaning you give it – or as Charles puts it so well “you can’t just make this stuff up!”.



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