Candlelit Cathedral

Candlelit Cathedral

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Lent Art Installation 2020 'Pilgrimage' by Michelle Rumney at Southwark Cathedral

Friday 6th March 2020 6-9pm

Lent Art Installation at Southwark Cathedral

Imagine a vast medieval space at night, lit by just the glow of its many candles. Against the soft shadows, the individual pool of light cast by each candle is slightly spectacular. A work of art in itself.

This special evening at Southwark began with Evensong – one of the most beautiful I’ve ever attended – with medieval plainsong from the choir.

Then there was a fascinating talk by Leigh Hatts, author of The Pilgrim’s Way. One of the candles in the Lent Art Installation ‘Pilgrimage’ is in memory of his wife Marion Marples, who led pilgrimages all over the world and who walked the route to Canterbury with Leigh to help him rediscover the best paths to take. Sadly, Marion died in 2019. Her candle stands in the centre of the piece next to Thomas Becket’s.

The Cathedral was open all evening, lit just by candlelight, with medieval choral music as the soundscape. It was stunning to experience the space like this and, especially in light of subsequent events, a unique and very special evening – a memory I will treasure. Thanks to Jon Dollin of Southwark Cathedral for organising this and inviting me to take part.

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