AW Week 6 – Recovering a Sense of Abundance

AW Week 6 – Recovering a Sense of Abundance

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So this week it’s all about getting your sense of Abundance going, so I couldn’t resist this amusing clip from Abraham Hicks. If you haven’t heard their recordings before, it might seem strange – Esther Hicks is channeling the words of some non-physical beings, who happen to have a great sense of humour, mostly at our (dumb physical being) expense… If you’re curious and want to know more about them, start at Philosophers Notes, where Brian has distilled the knowledge from at least 3 of their books for you to listen to or read.

This week’s main themes are Luxury and The Great Creator.

My Artist Date this week- I decided to go next weekend to ARCO, the annual international art fair in Madrid, but that was on the basis of being able to drive. That’s now looking unlikely. I’m checking buses (nightmare 7 hours), trains (ouch – too expensive), planes (cheaper than trains but times not good) and shared rides (no luck yet)… I’d like to say – I’ll be there no matter what, but it’s not that straightforward. I am persevering.

My commitment to artwork – rain (and drips) or shine – get in the studio for a minimum of 2 hours a day. I did one hour for a couple of days last week – very poor!

And this week’s tasks:

1. Natural Abundance: find 5 pretty or interesting rocks… small, constant reminders of creative consciousness. I had a boss once – the Head of Sound at the Royal Opera House – who carried a pure white pebble picked up on a Dorset beach in his pocket. Every time the heat was on, which was quite frequently in our constant cycle of rehearsals and performances, he would roll that pebble in his hand, feeling the smoothness and calming any nerves, soothing any stress. Everything always worked itself out somehow when he was in charge…

2. Natural Abundance: Pick 5 flowers or leaves. Kindergarten play is good for you.

3. Clearing: throw out or give away 5 ratty pieces of clothing.  Done already!! and it’s only Tuesday

4. Creation: Bake something. Creativity does not have to always involve capital A art.

5. Communication: send postcards to 5 friends. About time too – what a great kick up the ***

6. Reread the Basic Principles every day, Read the Artist’s Prayer every day.

7. Clearing: Any new changes in your home environment? Make some. I already cleared my desk last week and moved some paintings around to make space for new ones. I might make some more free wall space… even sell some work!!

8. Acceptance: Any new flow in your life? Practice saying yes to freebies.

9. Prosperity: Any changes in your financial situation? or your perspective on it?

10. Counting: write down everything you spend this week – every cent or centimo or penny. Discover where you spend your money…

and if you don’t have your own copy yet of the book, The Artist’s Way, there’s a link in the sidebar to a great value version that includes also Walking in this World and Finding Water, two of Julia’s other creative path books.
Visit Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way Online too.

What’s your experience right now of Abundance? Please share your comments below!

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