AW Week 3 – Recovering a Sense of Power

AW Week 3 – Recovering a Sense of Power

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Recovering a Sense of Power…

I think I’m adding my own task this week, which is watching that video every day, probably twice a day! Enough said… get on with it!

My Artist’s Date this week will be: actually this is an online one – I’m going to restart playing The Prosperity Game, buying art as if I were a new collector. This means I’ll have to scout around on the web for art I like and have the budget for. I’m starting around the $60,000 mark – that should be enough to get started… (big grin)

Tasks for Week 3: Power

1. Describe your childhood room.
2. Describe 5 traits you like in yourself as a child
3. List 5 childhood accomplishments. List 5 favorite childhood foods & as a treat, eat one of them this week!
4. List 3 obvious rotten habits. What’s the payoff in continuing them? List 3 of your subtle foes.
5. List 3 nurturing friends & their traits.
6. Call a supportive friend – I already did this this morning!!
7. Inner Compass: take an hour to follow your inner compass by doing an artist-brain activity and listening to what insight bubbles up.
8. List 5 people you admire. What traits do these people have that you can cultivate further in yourself?
9. List 5 people you wish you had met who are dead.
10. Compare the two sets of lists- look at what you really like and really admire – and look at what you think you should like and admire.

Tasks carried over from Week 2: Identity

2/2. Make a Safety Map to support your autonomy.

2/4. Goal: do something you like doing:   ‘doing collage’ and ‘creating new pathways and maps’

2/5. Dip back into Week 1 and read the affirmations.

Tasks carried over from Week 1: Safety. I was going to let these go – after all I’ve been thinking about them, but then I caught Chris Guillebeau’s latest blog post – What You Don’t Do Doesn’t Matter, so I will do them instead.

1/5. Write a letter to the editor in your defense. Mail it to yourself.

1/7.  Select & write out one happy piece of encouragement. Write a thank-you letter.

1/8. Imaginary Lives: Look over your list and select one. Then do something about it this week! OK then, natural history cameraman – I’m going to have fun with the lo-tech video function on my super lo-tech digi camera and make a little short glimpse into the wildlife on our doorstep – Saturday?

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