Power… AW Week 3 – Check-In

Power… AW Week 3 – Check-In

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Recovering a Sense of Power…

hmm… well Week 3 of The Artist’s Way! didn’t quite go as smoothly as Week 2, so I’m writing this post a week later than I intended – I just didn’t make the time to write the post at the time, but so it goes…

So, here’s my check-in:

1. How many days this week did you do your morning pages?

All 7!! Woo-hoo Well done me! And it feels good to have at least stuck to one commitment…

2. Did you do your artist’s date this week? Not exactly – not in the true sense of the words. I was planning to go to an art opening on Saturday – and meet the owner of a new gallery space, but a puncture on the car put that idea to one side. Instead I went to a BBQ on Sunday and relaxed and had a lovely time. I made a cake. I drank some wine and chatted with friends. It was lovely, and I felt good for stepping off the hamster wheel of work, but it was more a social than specifically an artist’s date.

gideon3. Did you experience any synchronicity this week?

Yes, a few times. I interviewed Gideon Shalwick, an online entrepreneur, for Room on the Edge and much of what he said about loving what you do I really needed to hear! He talked a lot about play and having fun in your work. He also has an idea to start a site called “Being 5 Again”, which is so perfect for this week’s tasks, which all help you recall childhood memories. Listen to his interview here – it’s great!

Also with Emma – an artist friend. We’ve arranged to swap creative coaching for cranial osteopathy – wow! Have no idea what to expect, but looking forward to releasing any blocks in my body as well as in my subconscious!


4. Were there any other issues this week that you consider significant in your recovery?

  • I’m allowing distractions to come in easily and knock me off the creative course, especially ‘proper work’ ones, even though they aren’t earning any income or are high up on my virtual priority list. I spent the Sunday evening I put aside for posting here to be taken up with doing a web review of a business community I’m involved with. I stayed up until 3am doing it, made myself tired and grouchy and didn’t do anything ‘creative’ or fun for days afterwards.
  • However, I’m sticking with the Morning Pages and with my morning run – all I need now is to allow and protect the time I need in the studio…
  • I did find out how much it would cost to put a new bamboo roof on the yurt studio, though and I’m thinking of putting a project together on Kickstarter to fund it.
  • So, do I feel like I’m recovering a Sense of Power? Hmmm, definitely on some levels, though my time management seems to have gone completely – it feels like it’s got its own momentum – I’m not in control.

So, the Tasks for Week 3: Power

1. Describe your childhood room. wow – right back to a really early memory aged 4-  nearly Being 5 Again!

2. Describe 5 traits you like in yourself as a child:

  • happy, smiley and full of joy
  • affectionate and warm
  • creative and curious
  • I loved being the centre of attention (this disappeared later for decades)
  • one of the boys – physically strong, courageous and a bit of a tomboy

3. List 5 childhood accomplishments:

  • Winning a showjumping competition
  • getting a Blue Peter badge (woo-hoo)
  • getting a commendation for drawing project in geography (about Australia!)
  • doing the sets and production for some theatre at school
  • being really good at roller skating!

4. List 5 favorite childhood foods & as a treat, eat one of them this week!  – baked beans – tee hee.

4. List 3 obvious rotten habits. What’s the payoff in continuing them?

  • Staying up beyond tired (lack of self-care) – thinking that I’m getting more done – feeling busy & doing
  • touching & scratching my face – calming my nerves
  • not going to work in the studio daily – not having to deal with taking it all forward

List 3 of your subtle foes:

  • not meditating daily – not stopping to think & use my brain or admit none of this work is working!
  • mild comfort eating – keep me the wrong side of slim and attractive – I can hide
  • taking things personally – I can still be a victim instead of claiming full responsibility

5. List 3 nurturing friends & their traits. I realise I have lots… but here are the first 3 that bubbled up in my mind –

  • E – her creativity, positivity and bubbly energy
  • H – her solid, never-faltering cheerful support, her kindness, her selflessness
  • T – her unending support, sense of humor, empathy, respect and non-judgemental understanding.

6. Call a supportive friend – I already did this this last week.

7. Inner Compass: take an hour to follow your inner compass by doing an artist-brain activity and listening to what insight bubbles up:

  • Driving & talking to myself (!) – got clearer on what the interviews I do do for me and what they could do as a coaching tool to help others.

8. List 5 people you admire. What traits do these people have that you can cultivate further in yourself?

  • Brian Johnson – discipline & commitment to himself and his creative projects.
  • Richard Branson – absolutely has fun with being successful – and helps people too – he shines.
  • Elyse Hope Killoran – gentle, helpful, kind spirit and approachable
  • Gideon Shalwick – fun, playful energy and sense of loving what he does.
  • Kim Kiyosaki – out there doing it, living it & helping others too.

9. List 5 people you wish you had met who are dead.

  • Picasso
  • Dali
  • Ghandi
  • Mother Teresa
  • Lao Tzu

and 5 people who are dead you’d like to hang out with for a while:

  • plus Nan – beautiful, warm, generous, wonderful
  • Aaron – new soul, beautiful, innocent, perfect
  • Agnes Martin – gentle, soft, but dependable and firm, unfolding light
  • Robert – playful, adventurous, talented, funny, totally outrageous
  • Picasso – playful, audacious, confident, committed, free – totally unblocked

10. Compare the two sets of lists- look at what you really like and really admire – and look at what you think you should like and admire. Still pondering on this…

Tasks carried over from Week 2: Identity

2/2. Make a Safety Map to support your autonomy. Still to do. Must organise this better.

2/4. Goal: do something you like doing:   ‘doing collage’ and ‘creating new pathways and maps’. ditto

2/5. Dip back into Week 1 and read the affirmations. Yes, I’ve read a lot of affirmations this week.

There were even some tasks carried over from Week 1: Recovering a Sense of Safety:

1/5. Write a letter to the editor in your defense. Mail it to yourself.    I still haven’t done this yet. oops oops

1/7.  Select & write out one happy piece of encouragement. Write a thank-you letter. Mail it. Still in progress… oops

1/8. Imaginary Lives: Look over your list and select one. Then do something about it this week! I chose Natural History Cameraman and simply went out in the garden with my tiny digi camera and shot some footage of the ‘wildlife’ right here right now. I followed a colony of ants and the wind in the lavenders and aerial shots of the spikey agaves that looked more like alien landscapes… it was great fun! Will post it once I get round to editing it, but I’m really glad I did it.


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